McFall Elementary

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McFall students build a fort using sheets draped over chairs and desks.
This McFall student build a centipede with 100 legs to celebrate 100 day!
Students enjoy some treats in the morning before school with a favorite person.
Visitors at McFall Literacy night loved making Purple Cow ice cream treats.
Sweets with Sweethearts gets the day started right for McFall students who shared some sweet breakfast treats with loved ones before school..
Farming is the theme of this year's reading month at McFall Elementary.
Doughnuts with Dudes was a great way for McFall students to share some extra time with a favorite male in their lives.
Kindergarten students enjoy Global School Play Day with their games and toys.
A great start to the day  - McFall students enjoy sweets with sweethearts before school starts.
These two kindergarten students play
Kindergarten students use iPads regularly in class.
A McFall student has his book autographed by the author at Literacy Night.
Zero the Hero and McFall teachers lead students in some fun movements and song.
McFall students started the day off right with Doughnuts with Dudes morning.
McFall students celebrate 100th day of school!

TK News

March is Reading Month

We love to celebrate reading all year at Lee Elementary but make it a special event in the month of March. Please click here to see our Calendar of Events.

McFall Celebrates 100th Day!

Zero the Hero leads McFall students in a 100th day celebration.

A favorite day at McFall is 100 Day celebrating the 100th day of school!
Students celebrated in grand style with a special visit from Zero the Hero! He led the students and staff in counting to 100 while doing some morning moves. One hundred glittery stickers, colorful cotton balls, straws, and gumballs decorated posters created by students to show 100 items. Students also used jewels, hearts, stickers and straws to decorate crowns to wear for the day and many teachers planned special classroom events.

Get Ready for Preschool/Kindergarten 2017-18 Enrollment

Preschool students at TK listen to a teacher read a story before lunch.

Thornapple Kellogg School officials are looking forward to welcoming all preschool, young 5's and kindergarten students to register for the 2017-18 school year. A parent meeting for kindergarten and young 5's enrollment will take place at 6:30 p.m. March 15 at McFall, and an open enrollment meeting for preschool takes place at 6:30 p.m. March 21 at McFall.

Global School Play Day Gives Kids a Chance to Just Play

Students in Cathy Leaf's kindergarten class enjoy Global School Play Day.

Making “whooshing” sounds, kindergarten student Will Briggs sailed his shark-faced pirate ship across desks and chairs around the classroom.
Classmates Zaydee Brautigam and Isabelle Tolan were deep into a game of “Candyland” in a corner of the room and Logan Jamison used a steady head in a game of “Topple.”  Several students gathered around a game trying to “Pop the Pig.”

Full STEAM Ahead for Learning

Musician Kevin DePree demonstrates how science, technology, engineering, arts and math work together.

A simple two-piece acoustic drum set evolved into an exciting, flashing lights, talking, electronic drum set with computer generated sounds. And it all happened, because science, technology, engineering, arts and math combined into one project.

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