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A student lays on his belly as he scoots across the floor on one of the new scooter boards.

Twisting, Sliding, Scooting - Thanks to TAEF Grant

Students cheered with excitement when Mrs. DeVries announced it was free choice day in physical education classes at McFall. They quickly eyed two of the favorite options - scooter boards and spooner boards.
A student is surprised when the magician does a trick with a balloon.

McFall Students Meet Out-of-this-World Reading Month Challenge

Students have been reading in the hallways. They’ve donned their most galactic glasses, sported their wackiest “out-of-this-world” hairstyles, and dressed in bright neon. It’s all been part of the “Reading is Out of this World” March reading month theme at McFall and it’s been a galactic success!
Four students play with dolls on Global School Play Day.

Global School Play Day is Serious Work

By School News Network

Little ones had their imaginations in full gear while making their own fun for an entire school day during the recent Global School Play Day.


A Message from McFall Principal Jon Washburn

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