TAEF Grant Provides Tools for Writing Practice

Holding up the letter “m” first-grade teacher Karen Seifert asked a small group of students what sound the letter made. Then they were told to use their finger as their pencil  and write the letter in sand. It’s a tactile sensory form to help students get a better “feel” of writing letters and practice their fine motor skills in writing.

“The kids were so excited to have a new way to learn their letters and I love the hands-on and kinesthetic activities,” said Seifert.

The trays and colorful supplies of sand were purchased thanks to a grant from Thornapple Area Enrichment Foundation awarded to Elementary Literacy Coach Alison Muka. 


“It feels comfortable and it is fun,” said first-grader Daisy Kidder


Eli McCarren agreed. “When you write it you can see how it looks and feels.”


“We're so excited for students at McFall to learn letters and sounds using this multi-sensory approach. Thanks to TAEF for providing the funds to serve our students in this way,” said Muka.