McFall Students Go for the Gold!

It’s all part of the Olympic theme of “Go for the Gold” the school is using this month for Reading Month. But it’s also a theme that's been creatively carried over to many subjects including PE.


Physical Education teacher Michelle DeVries said the activity is a fun way to connect something relevant in the world to what the students are doing in school. 


This week, students participated in their own versions of the  Winter Olympic events of ski jumping, cross country skiing, speed skating, bobsled, and hockey.


For the ski jump, students held their pool noodles under their arms and jumped back and forth across a rope on the floor. Paper plates acted as their skates for speed skating as they slid around an oval outlined by traffic cones on the floor. 


At each station, the young students practiced different methods of movement and coordination and they celebrated their successes at the end of each rotation as they continued on their venture to go for the gold! 


DeVries said next week, students will join in the fun  with Summer Olympic events.