Twisting, Sliding, Scooting - Thanks to TAEF Grant

Thanks to a grant from Thornapple Area Enrichment Foundation, DeVries was able to purchase new and larger scooter boards as well as six spooner boards. 

It didn’t take long before students were scooting across the floor on the scooter boards. Some sat on the boards using their hands and feet to propel them along, while others lay flat on their stomachs using their legs and arms to creep around. 

Some picked their feet up as they lay on the boards and used their arms to spin round and round as fast and as long as they could. Others got next to the wall and pushed off with their feet seeing how far they could coast. 

It didn’t take long before three, four and five students joined to form a train with the leader trying to pull the train of scooter boards behind him.

Nearby, other students were twisting, turning, rocking and balancing on the spooner boards. DeVries said she only bought six of the boards to see how they would work and if the students would like them. Now, she says, she wishes she had more. “The kids love them, and they help with balance and core strength,” she said.

DeVries said she appreciates the TAEF grant funds to help provide more materials for her PE classes. The new materials can be used by all of her McFall PE classes.